How to travel greener?

Have you ever imagined that you can save the planet by preparing your trip in a slightly different way? Now, here are some tips for you.

Act Green

  • Bring personal equipment with you
    • Throw your drinking bottle, fork, spoon, bathroom set, shopping bag and clothes in your luggage. Not only you can save money, but also avoid using disposable one. This can save a lot of energy and resources.
  • Add a cultural or nature tour in your trip
    • Cultural or nature tour might not sound thrill to you but it is the best way to actually know a place instead of just sightseeing.
    • Take some remote places off from your busy trip schedule. You can enjoy your vacation more and be nicer to the earth.
  • Local and seasonality food
    • Picking local grown food in season can lead you to gourmet’s paradise. Also it can vastly reduce the wastes and carbon emission from food transportation or storage.
    • Say no to any disposable food containers. The planet will thank you.
    • Be grateful to the Mother Nature by finishing all the food you buy; it actually saves the energy discarding your food waste.
  • Natural, local, handmade souvenir
    • Buy your souvenirs from the local artists, farmers and stall vendor. It is usually cheaper and has lower carbon footprint.
    • Please do not support over packaging, animal abusing or illegal products. Choose natural, less packaging or handmade products instead.
  • Remember recycling
    • Bring a small bag with you. Carry all your wastes until put them into the bin.
    • Recycling is important too!

Low Carbon Transportation

    • Public transport is a good way to save your time and energy while traveling. If you plan in advance, it will save your money as well.
    • You can also help reducing green house gas emissions by simply using public transport. Here is a general idea of reducing green gas emission public transport (Higher is better): Train > Bus > High occupancy car > Motorcycle > Low occupancy car > Direct flight > Connecting flight.
    • If you like to calculate your green house gas emission in your trip, you can click here. (Website:carbonfootprint)
  • Ride a bike & walk
    • It is really easy to rent a bike in Taiwan. All you need is an EasyCard (Like an Oyster Card), which you can buy and top on in any convenient store. Go to a rental bike station. Use the machine beside the rental bike to join the member by using the EasyCard. Choose a bike you like and you are free to go. It is free if you return the bike in any other station within 30 min.
    • Riding a bike has zero green house emission and you can workout a little bit during your trip.
    • Walking is also a very good way to discover the city and has zero green house emission too.

Eco-Friendly Hotels

Green Mark
    • Choose a certified eco-friendly hotel in Taiwan by recognize this logo. It will give you 50 to 500 TWD discount if you bring your own bathroom set.
    • Of course, these certified hotels are much more energy efficient and have great sense of reducing environmental pollution. Remember to choose the hotel close to the public transport. So you won’t have to sweat to get there.
    • ou can find all the certified eco-friendly hotel in this website(website:Eco-Friendly Hotels)
  • Stay at the same room
    • Try to stay at the same room to avoid relocation during your trip. At the mean time, you can save tons of water resource and energy because they don’t have to clean an extra room.
    •  Put the “Do not disturb” sign on the front door to prevent the cleaning lady clean your room while you are out. You don’t need to clean your towel everyday. Why should you on your trip?